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gear du jour...


Electric Basses:  Still playin' Fender 4 bangers ('59 Custom Shop Fender Precision & Fender PJ)


Amps:  Ashdown, Phil Jones Bass & TecAmp


Cabinets Bag End, Bergantino & Gallien-Krueger


Strings:  La Bella Quarter Rounds and Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats


Upright Bass: American Standard, an old doghouse ply from 1951 made in Cleveland by the  H. N. White Company.


Upright Amplification: Phil Jones Bass amp, Fishman Full Circle piezo, Biesele magnetic pickup, Countryman Isomax Microphone & D-Tar Solstice mixer.


Pedals etc.: Demeter Compressor & Tube DI, Maxon AF-9 Filter & Rotary Phase, Malekko B:assmaster (the Maestro Brassmaster clone!), Guyatone Tremolo, Sansamp Paradriver, MXR A/B, Loop-Master switches, Barge Blenders, Peterson & Boss tuners, Pedaltrain boards, Voodoo Labs and 1Spot power.  I also really like Ellio Martina's bassmute system - Flip of a switch and you have 2 or 3 levels of string mute.